Epidural Instrument

A safe, effective system to administer epidurals using pressure-sensing technology

Clinical Research

Key Findings

99% Success in locating the Epidural space on the first attempt.

Proven success compared to fluoroscopy without radiation risk.

Potential to allow for greater flexibility and cost saving.


For Practitioners
  • Allows anesthesiologists to use both hands to advance and direct the needle
  • Real-time objectively confirm the epidural space with 99% success on first attempt
For Patients
  • Reduces likelihood of need to reposition needle over multiple attempts.
  • Offers the potential for a radiation-free solution for identification of epidural space in pain management patients

How it works

  • CompuFlo instruments incorporate the patented DPS Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology™
  • Provides visual and audio feedback, differentiating tissue types for the physician
  • Provides precise location guidance
  • Clinicians can successfully perform epidural procedures with fewer attempts
  • Reduces the volume required to accurately identify the epidural space
  • Includes the latest version of our patented software, Logic 10.
Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology
  • DPS technology is the patented system developed by Milestone Scientific and leveraged in over 65MM dental injections
  • Detects subtle pressure changes 4 times a second making it extremely responsive to minor pressure changes
  • Precisely controls the flow rate of fluid with real-time feedback, based on exit pressure at the needle tip
  • Capable of documenting injection events, thereby providing verification